Pocket 1200 – Pocket Collection


Our ever-popular Pocket 1200 is the best selling Pocket mattress in the Pocket Collection. It offers the ideal combination of comfort and support so you get a good night’s sleep.


Includes our RespaForm Pocket spring system which allows for greater distribution of body weight and added comfort. Featuring Sleepfresh technology which creates an Ideal sleeping climate obtained through the use of a pro-biotic technology ensuring fresh, clean hygienic nights sleep. (Fabric Malta, Cream) (Soft Furnishings, Bedeck 1951)

Features –

ResaForm Pocket Spring System, Sleepfresh Technology, 3D Airflow Technology.

We recommend a Respa divan with your Respa mattress. The available fabrics and shades for your bed base and headboard are shown.

Additional information


3FT, 4 6"FT, 5FT, 6FT


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